Lisa Bloom, Composer

Composer for film and television

Motion Picture Scores Composed

Camino Catharsis. Director: Danny Aguilar (Carpe Diem Productions)

The Rain Will Come. Director: Rex Waide (Carpe Diem Productions)

Trip to Morningside. Director: Alex Rodriguez.

Rain from Stars (additional music). Director: Stephen Wallis.

Phoenix. Director: Troy Cook.

The Princess Bride (trailer). Director: Rob Reiner.

Thunderhead Clearing (short). Director: John Teton.

Up Above the World So High. Director: Alba Francesca.

Summer Rain. Director: Howard Slavitt.

Lucia. Director: Lauren Ruttenberg.

Kauai: Island of Beauty. Directors: Gretchen Janke, Bruce Mercury.


Television Scores Composed

The New Lassie (multiple episodes). Producer: Universal/Al Burton Productions.

Batman Animated - "Fear of Victory" (co-composed). Producer: Warner Bros.

The Immortals (PBS series starring Ed Asner). Producer: PBS/3E productions.

Love with a Twist (ABC Primetime Special). Producer: ABC/Reeves Entertainment.

Jules Feiffer Animated Shorts (multiple episodes on HBO and Showtime). Producer: Ernest Chambers.

Less than Perfect Daughter (ABC Afterschool Special). Producer: ABC/Hallinan Plus Productions.

TV Laughs at Life (ABC Special starring Brett Butler). Producer: ABC/Winsome Entertainment.

Vows (made-for-television film on the A&E Channel). Producer: A&E.


Film and Television Scores Orchestrated and Arranged

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (multiple episodes). Producer: CBS. Composer: William Olvis.

Batman Animated (multiple episodes). Producer: Warner Bros. Composer: Shirley Walker.

The Stupids. Producer: Grammercy. Director: John Landis. Composer: Chris Stone.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Producer: Warner Brothers/Chevy Chase. Director: John Carpenter. Composer: Shirley Walker.

Special Effects. Producer: IMAX. Composer: Chris Stone.

Rescuers (multiple episodes). Producer: Showtime. Director: Peter Bogdonovich. Composer: Hummie Mann.

Steal Big, Steal Little. Producer: Savoy Pictures. Director: Andrew Davis. Composer: William Olvis.

It’s Pat. Producer: Walt Disney. Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh.

Treasure Island. Producer: CBS. Composer: Chris Stone.

The Flash. Producer: CBS/Warner Bros. Composer: Shirley Walker.

TaleSpin (multiple episodes). Producer: Walt Disney. Composer: Chris Stone.


Corporate Video Scores Composed

Awake at the Wheel. Video series, eDriving LLC. Producer: Virginia Williams.


Library and Multimedia Music Composed

Scoring Tools Professional Sample Library. CD-ROM. Original compositions performed by the Prague Radio Symphony; used on a large number of film and television productions. Producer: EastWest.

The Random House Kid’s Encyclopedia. CD-ROM (co-composed). Producer: Knowledge Adventure.

Several CDs of music for use in scoring motion pictures, television, radio, and multimedia productions, distributed through Nightingale Music Productions and Network Music/Killer Tracks


Dance and Musical Theatre Scores Composed

Misjudgement in Paris. Modern dance score. John Malashock commissioned the entire full-length musical score for this critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking work by the renowned Malashock Dance Company. Misjudgement in Paris had its world premiere run in San Diego, California at the prestigious Old Globe Theatre in January 2002. Some reviews: "...composer Lisa Bloom Cohen provides an intriguing original score..." (Charlene Baldridge, Village News); "...the movements and Lisa Bloom Cohen's eclectic score heighten the stories and give a mythical, otherworldly aura to the everyday" (Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader). John Malashock said of Lisa's work on the project "Lisa Bloom Cohen wrote the entire evening's score for my original theatre/dance collaboration, Misjudgement in Paris, and was nothing less than a miracle worker. She worked at lightning speed, was totally open to suggestion, and just plain 'got it'. Her work is alternately lush, driving and atmospheric, and she has a lyric range that was absolutely inspiring to work with. Lisa is a truly gifted artist with a rare understanding of the collaborative spirit. I can't wait to work together again." A portion of this work was later transcribed and performed in concert by the Cypress String Quartet at the Ventura Music Festival, 2005.

Mutiny in the Library. Musical. Book and lyrics by David Tucker. Produced by the Hope Repertory Theatre, Holland, Michigan, 1999. The story of a small town library scheduled to be torn down and replaced with a shopping mall, with storybook characters coming to life to save the library.

Gold! Musical. Musical. Book and lyrics by David Tucker. Produced by the Lehman-Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. The story of a young girl and boy who find themselves in the California Gold Rush panning for gold, retelling the history of the Gold Rush as seen through the eyes of the children.


Concert Music Composed (partial list)

The Pallid Wreath. Baritone Andrew Garland commissioned this art song for voice and piano, based on the post-Civil War poem by Walt Whitman. The work received its world premiere at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, 2007.

Ancient Paths. The award-winning Debussy Trio commissioned this piece for harp, viola, and flute, premiering it in 1993.

Sisyphus Fantasy. For orchestra.

Dark Geometry. For solo piano.

Striations. For orchestra.

Analogia Musica. For string quartet.

Strange Attractors. For woodwind quintet.

Phase Transformation. For solo piano.

Orion. For saxophone quartet.

Serenade. For cello and piano.

Fathom. For orchestra.

Ascent. For solo piano.

Sonata. For solo piano.



The Pond (with Ann Moore). New age piece on the CD Nature Baby Water Baby, part of Rhino Records' Baby Tunes series.